Development of ELECTRONICS
We provide complete development of electronics from consulting, design, prototypes to their preparation and putting into serial production, including certification and manual creation. We also provide our partners with the delivery of serial products, including their revival, testing and configuration. We also offer the development and manufacture of automated testing equipment, supporting the high quality of the final products.
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Development of SOFTWARE
We offer the development of multiplatform desktop or web applications for visualization, control, configuration, recovery, recording or servicing of devices. We also provide advice for optimizing or finding the ideal path for your solution. We prefer programming languages C, C ++, JAVA, the Qt development environment and data stored in databases.
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Development of FIRMWARE
At this time, almost every board has a processor that requires software. That's why we offer it to the customer delivered or us developed hardware, creating these programs. Also included are documentation and communication protocols that enable superior control. We specialize in the STM32 and ATMEGA series processors. The program is implemented in the programming language C or C ++ on request.
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Development of MECHANICS & 3D Print
An essential part of every product is a mechanical part, whether in the form of a box or a handle only. This part is also possible to harmonize, to properly advise, to design, to manufacture the prototype and to ensure its serial in the final production. We use 3D printers to create prototypes. We are able to take over, modify or customize the mechanics with other components. We have long-term knowledge and experience in manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, punching, bending sheet metal parts, plastic molding, 3D printing, laser burning or electro-erosive machining.
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Modernization of CNC systems
By combining and utilizing the knowledge of all the above-mentioned fields, we have expanded our partner in the area of "modernization of cnc systems" with our partner. Here we offer the replacement of an outdated, often inadequate, control system with a new, modern system. It is possible to contribute not only directly to the machine but also to its users and purpose. This allows it to increase its efficiency and utilization. Part of the renovation can be CAM post-processor customization, switchboard repairs or service and mechanical parts replacement.
ENERGY & Measurement
We provide expert advice, analytics and measurement of energy networks. We design and supply suitable systems (eg reducers, compensators) to optimize network parameters. With the right analytics and applied solutions, we can save our clients both energy and maintenance costs. Most often, the festivities encounter problems such as high or low tension, meshless symmetry, high heifer, or the effect of harmonic components. We install SMART METERING systems for subordinate and detailed measurements for on-line parameter tracking including analytical features such as machine efficiency prediction,
Detection of defects in automation
In the field of automation in industry, together with university specialists, we deal with the detection of surface defects by means of optical methods. The aim of this effort is to minimize scrap and optimize the production process. Defect detection is a very demanding process with a high degree of individuality. In principle, it is not possible to use the universal detection system and it is necessary to approach each problem separately. We use CCTV systems with image processing using robust algorithms and neural networks. In order to be flexible, we develop all our diagnostic algorithms on ourselves and implement them on powerful workstations. To support logistics and material flows in an in-house environment, we implement autonomous UHF RFID gateways, connected to enterprise ERP.
Managing and building networks
At a time when a large number of products require an Internet connection, it is necessary to tailor such a network to properly design, build, set up and know, in case of a problem, you have to contact them. Here we offer a long-term experience in the field. We are certified to grant CISCO certificates to schools. For the construction of these stable networks, we prefer the MIKROTIK brand in small businesses and households and CISCO products for corporate networks.
Cooperation with universities
Innovating and developing new technologies, we collaborate with universities. These schools have state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge professionals in the industry and the experience we are trying to use for our customers. We cooperate with each faculty in connection with the aforementioned subsidy titles.