for 7" Raspberry Pi Display
This bracket serves as a solid base for mounting Raspberry Pi with an original 7" display to the wall. The console consists of a plastic display bezel and a metal wall mounting base compatible with the screw pitch for the double wall box. The console has a USB connection hole with cover and integrated protection foil for direct protection of display.


The bracket consists of three main parts, designed so that the materials together with the construction guarantee resistance to industrial environments and their strength can withstand the daily load in very busy operations. The materials and their surface treatments can be additionally adapted to the specific application.


The design of the display frame has been modified so that the film does not protrude and is flush with the edge. This provides greater resistance to peeling or damage to both the film and the display surface. The foil can be replaced with protective glass which provides even higher scratch resistance. Both solutions improve resistance to fingerprints, cracks, or better washability properties.


In total, the solution offers 3 variants to which the supply cabling can be led. From the back through the mounting frame in case of leads through the wall and pad from the bottom and top. In this case, the cable is usually routed in the bar to the center of the panel. Here it then enters through the break-out openings ensuring easy installation.


Almost every installation requires occasional service intervention or the need to download data. Therefore, the construction includes a hole for additional accessories, namely a USB connector for connecting accessories. Included in the package is a USB connector, there is also a protective cover that prevents attempts at unauthorized use or damage. At the base, this hole is sealed with a sticker.


In most of the available horizontal frames, the display is mounted so that it has a higher contrast from the bottom. This is for a terminal solution, just the opposite of what is needed. Therefore, we designed the solution so that it was possible not only to mount the display in volumetric ways, but in the base there was a better contrast when viewed from above, which allows better visibility of the application.


The mounting holes have been designed in accordance with the available two-position installation boxes. This allows not only easy installation and its preparation, but also the use of space for hiding cabling, power supply or other components.


We manufacture our products so that together they make sense and therefore this product is also compatible with other MULTICORE products, especially with the mcHAT kit, providing power over Ethernet, real-time clock and connection of passive cooling with an active fan and its continuous control. Here we also offer ready-made assembled sets.


As a development company with added value to its products, we offer the supply of software solutions with an end application and a modern design. These solutions then have, for example, remote connection, run monitoring, communication and connection of other electronics such as readers, inputs and outputs for door monitoring and more.


The solution can be modified and expanded with customer requirements from 1 piece. We usually modify and expand the construction with customer readers, a camera, LED indicators, etc. It is also possible to change the material or color used.


This product is industrially protected. This means that it is not possible to use and produce this design freely without an agreement with us. Within the license, we are able to provide its use in your application with modification, or individual production is possible as part of your production.

  • Package's box ( 218x123x95mm / 695g )
  • Display frame
  • Console ( horizontal or vertical )
  • Wall holder ( horizontal or vertical )
  • Protection foil with manual
  • Set of screws
  • Dowels set
  • Tool set with 2 hex key
  • Instruction manual



INSTRUCTION MANUAL ( Horizontal version ) - Czech
INSTRUCTION MANUAL ( Horizontal version ) - English
INSTRUCTION MANUAL ( Vertical version ) - Czech
INSTRUCTION MANUAL ( Vertical version ) - English
Is possible made plastic display frame from aluminium?
Yes, we are able to supply the frame from other materials such as aluminum. There is also the possibility of surface treatments such as blasting and anodizing, chrome plating, etc.
Is it possible to supply a complete set including modifications, composition and electronics?
The product can be delivered in any combination and modification ready and ready for the end application, including Raspberry and installed and tested software. The set can also be filled with a customer solution of the hardware part. It all depends on the agreement with the customer.
Is the frame available for other displays?
Currently not, but the design is industrially protected and this does not affect the type of display, so of course we are able to prepare it for the display that the customer provides and needs. In time, we plan to expand the console to other selected types of displays outside of the Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, write us if the type you are looking for is not in preparation.