mcSMART Connector
Power connection between Raspberry Pi a 7" display
mcSMART is our patented way of minimizing the display power connection between the Raspberry Pi and the original 7 "display.


The goal of this connector connection was to create a simple and minimalist way to connect the Raspberry Pi power supply and its display. This method not only saves space, but also improves the appearance of the entire solution, allows integration into various solutions and also the integration of a capacitor on this connector improves the coverage of power peaks and thus the stabilization of the entire system.


The connection of both systems (display and main computer) is realized in the basic variant by first placing the side on the display boards and then in the upper part of the pin connector by connecting the jumpers of the so-called jumpers. These jumpers can be replaced by integrating the connectors into such an expansion board, for example, see our mcHAT Poe. If you use the basic variant, in addition to the jumpers, there are secondary GND and + 5V pins so that you do not lose these pins thanks to the jumpers and can use them to connect, for example, a sensor.


We offer the supply of various boards according to the wishes of customers with the integration of our solution. It is possible to integrate this product with your developers under license. We offer simple boards with full-fledged 40-pin connector outputs, for example for flange wires.


Our POE mcHAT has also integrated this mcSMART connector. We are able to implement this solution into your solution. mcHAT has own connector design for lower height of all solution. In offer is also low profile variant with board position shift.