for 7" Raspberry Pi Display
High-quality mcPROTECT protective foils ensure maximum protection of the entire display area. They increase the resistance to possible scratches or, for example, cracking in the event of an impact with a sharp object, which increases its service life. If the film is damaged, it can be easily removed thanks to the silicone adhesive layer without leaving adhesive residue on the surface of the display. This layer also minimizes the formation of air bubbles during application. Other special layers reduce the leaving of fingerprints or the storage of bacteria on the surface, thus protecting not only the display but also the health of its operator. In the menu you will also find a matte foil, which eliminates back glare and thus increases the readability of the content on the display. All our protective films are high quality, made and tested in Germany. Included in the package is always everything you need for easy installation.


If you want to give your display basic protection, to achieve better results in its durability and durability, this film is right for you. Its ability to protect against scratches and other damage is at a high level, achieved thanks to quality German production. The next layer prevents fingerprints, when properly applied to the display, no air bubbles are formed and, last but not least, does not limit the image quality of the display. Its price is also very favorable.


The thickness of this film is greater than the previous Standard film. Thanks to this aspect, this film is more resistant to damage, so your display will be all the more secure. Despite its greater thickness, the film remains ultra light and perfectly flexible. Of course, there are also other protective elements offered by the Standard foil, namely the prevention of fingerprints, the prevention of air bubbles and maintaining the quality of the display image. Premium film brings increased protection and improved benefits of Standard film.


Bacteria that cannot be seen by the human eye can pose a great risk. For this reason, this film has been developed. Its main advantage is the outer layer, where there are metal oxides, they kill bacteria, but they are harmless to the human body. This technology has been tested in Nuremberg by Quality Labs BT GmbH, according to the antimicrobial standard ISO 22196, resulting in a reduction in bacterial counts of up to 99.9%. Of course, this film also has protection against scratches, fingerprints, and has other features such as Standard film. It is a very simple solution to the risk of bacteria and health in the digital world.


These films have a matte finish that eliminates any glare. This foil is suitable for places, for example, opposite a window, etc. In the case of miniature texts, this foil can blur slightly, which must be taken into account when designing graphics.


A special layer on the surface of the foil minimizes the leaving of fingerprints, which could reduce the readability of the display.


All types of our foils increase the hardness of the display surface, thus providing it with increased protection against scratches and other damage. Premium films have this resistance higher than other types. This increased hardness is achieved by increasing the thickness to 0.2mm. Despite the increased thickness, it still retains sufficient flexibility.


It is very important to maintain the sharpness and clarity of the colors on the display. Therefore, maximum transparency was taken into account during development, ensuring a perfect image.


The flat-applied adhesive silicone layer eliminates the formation of air bubbles during application, leaves no adhesive residue after removal and improves the overall adhesion of the protective film.


The high-quality and durable surface of the foil ensures easy and fast maintenance. To remove dirt on the surface, only the cloth included in the package and suitable for this type of maintenance is sufficient.

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