Our company offers its customers a comprehensive service in the field of development and research. Our main focus includes products and products in the field of automation, control, IoT, SmartMetering, SmartGrid and also Industry 4.0. Here we offer services from research, solution design, prototype implementation, serial production, support, new innovations, testing and maintenance, to industrial protection. We also offer many years of experience and relationships established at universities in our country and abroad. Thanks to these partners, we are able to offer interesting financing associated with grant titles.


  • Technologic consulting & solution research
  • Development & research end solution
  • Prototype production
  • Preparation and publication of materials for the 0th series
  • Support and maintenance of serial production, including innovations
  • Communication with suppliers and solving current needs
  • Complete implementation and delivery of serial production
  • Product testing & product analytics
  • Reverse engineering & product innovation
  • Monitoring and maintenance of software applications
  • International industrial protection (Industrial design, utility model, patent)
  • Implementation of subsidy titles associated with the development and purchase of technology


In this area we provide a complete background from consulting, research, design, design, prototypes to their preparation and putting into serial production, including certification and manual creation. We also provide our partners with the delivery of serial products, including their revival, testing and configuration. We also offer the development and manufacture of automated testing equipment, supporting the high quality of the final products and their records. If possible, we can tailor the design to a client to minimize inventory on the basis of other products.


Since almost every PCB now has a "MCU" processor, we offer a firmware creation service, which is software loaded into the MCU and executing the process. If you select this service, we require the STM32, ATMEGA, ATTINY platforms, or MICROCHIP, to be chosen by us. Included in the delivery are documentation, detailed comments in the source code, various outputs, training of programmers for further maintenance. We implement the program in the programming language C or C ++ based on the client request. Alternatively, we can customize and build on client clients if they already exist to better integrate a new product into a business. The software is implemented under a git repository.


We make design proposals based on client requirements. Individually we also offer the completion of elaborate designs. Only design research can be avoided by the final design. We also offer redesing or reverse engineering. The design can be complemented by industrial designs, which we also process and provide. We can customize and design the parts design for test benches for subsequent quality control. The design involves communicating with the designer and selecting the best design path to the desired result.


We offer the development of multiplatform desktop or web applications for visualization, control, configuration, recovery, recording or servicing of devices. We also provide advice for optimizing or finding the ideal path for your solution. We prefer programming languages C, C ++, JAVA, the Qt development environment and data stored in databases. We communicate most often through ethernet, uart, or other physical layers.


A modern platform for user access to device management or overview, today it serves websites in the form of a javascript application. In this area, we offer application development primarily on the Angular platform, along with various design templates. Access to the application is then possible from anywhere and at any time. The applications are mostly responsive, so it is possible to freely optimize the display for both large monitors and, for example, mobile phones.


As a database for web or desktop applications, a server-side application can be used, the so-called API, which allows you to access data sources, databases online across platforms. For a stable server background, we work with the AWS cloud solution (virtual servers, databases, communication protocols). We are also able to build a server for local use directly at the customer, along with supervision and maintenance. Here we most often work with docker containerization.